Radiation Therapists

Radiation therapists work with your Radiation Oncologist to plan your individualised radiation treatment and use complex equipment to deliver your radiation according to your treatment plan.  Radiation Therapists make up a large part of the team caring for you, providing you with support, advice and information throughout your treatment.

Shelley Donnell
Radiation Therapy Manager

Our team of radiation therapists and allied staff are led by our Radiation Therapy Manager Shelley Donnell.

Shelley has worked in the radiation therapy field for more than 30 years in New Zealand and overseas.  She most recently worked at the Waikato Regional Cancer Centre as a brachytherapy specialist, dosimetry specialist, clinical tutor, radiation therapist team leader and oncology unit manager.

Shelley continues to be an assessor for the Medical Radiation Technologist Board, and is actively involved with undergraduate teaching and review and audit of the national radiation therapist competencies, the benchmark for achievement in the undergraduate degree.

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