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The Kathleen Kilgour Centre provides state-of-the-art treatment equipment and CT simulation as well as advanced treatment planning capabilities to deliver the best possible treatments. 

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CT Simulation and Imaging

CT simulation is a procedure used to identify the exact location and size of the area that needs treatment. This is necessary to create an individualised treatment plan for each patient.

Patients coming to the Kathleen Kilgour Centre will receive the latest technology in wide-bore Toshiba CT simulation with the increased width of scanning space allowing numerous scanning positions and providing a more comfortable, less claustrophic experience. 

This technology offers the ability to view small structures of sensitive healthy tissue and allows each tumour to be accurately outlined. This means the radiation treatment can be delivered accurately, at optimal strength, while minimising impact on the surrounding healthy tissue. If required, a four-dimensional CT simulation can be used to take into account the patient’s respiration cycle.

Treatment Planning

When using radiation therapy treatment, the size, shape and location of the cancer must be considered. A team of radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and medical physicists work together to accurately plan the size of the treatment area, dosage and treatment technique that will best suit a patient’s condition. 

The Kathleen Kilgour Centre utilises the most up to date Monaco treatment planning system.

Radiation Therapy Treatment

Radiation treatment is most commonly delivered by a Linear Accelerator which uses electricity to generate forms of high energy radiation.

The Kathleen Kilgour Centre is equipped with two state-of the-art Elekta Versa HD™ linear accelerators.  These machines utilise the very latest in advanced treatment capabilities, ensuring safe and efficient delivery of image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) and volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) treatments.    These techniques allow us to improve plan quality by reducing dose to healthy tissue.

High dose rate brachytherapy: 

In this form of treatment, sealed radioactive sources can be placed near or in the tumour for a calculated period of time. This form of Radiation Therapy is most commonly used to treat some forms of skin cancer, prostate cancer and gynaecological malignancies. At the completion of each treatment, the radiation source is removed.

Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT):

For precise and accurate dose placement, imaging at the time of treatment is crucial. This type of treatment accounts for motion (i.e. organ movement or breathing) to ensure that the tumour volume is in the same position during each treatment session.

The ability to have positional information on the location of the tumour and critical structures gives confidence that the patient is set up as planned, to ensure increased dose to the target while protecting critical structures and reducing irradiation of healthy tissue.

Volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT):

VMAT is an advanced radiation therapy technique that delivers high radiation doses precisely to the tumour target while reducing dose to the surrounding tissue and organs. Using single or multiple radiation beams that sweep in uninterrupted arcs around the patient enables treatment times to be reduced dramatically, and allows target doses to be optimised to each individual patient’s needs.

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