Support Staff

Along with your radiation oncologist there will be a number of specialists who will also be involved in your treatment journey. They each bring a unique set of skills and special knowledge to ensure your treatment delivers maximum results whilst minimising side effects. The following is a brief description of those who will be working on your case and how their roles contribute to your treatment.

Radiation Oncology Nurses

Radiation Oncology nurses are specially trained to ensure your comfort during your visit to the Kathleen Kilgour Centre. They will assist you in the management in potential side effects, and are on hand to address any concerns you have about your treatment or diagnosis.

Booking Clerk and Reception Staff

This friendly group of staff will welcome you to the Kathleen Kilgour Centre and will schedule your treatments to suit your convenience where possible. If necessary they will communicate with your health insurance provider to organise payment for treatment.

Allied health

  • Dieticians are available to work with you to help you maintain weight, appetite and nutrition, which can change due to treatment related side effects.
  • Speech and language therapists can help you with issues in speech, language, voice and cognition as well as swallowing difficulties when changes occur post surgery and/or radiation treatment.
  • Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists can help with expert advice and exercise to help you regain your mobility, or assist with specialist aids to help you manage.
  • Social workers provide counselling, education and information services and can refer to community services to help manage the day-to-day challenges of living with cancer.
  • Māori Health Workers are available to provide awhi/support to turoro/patient and whanau/family while they are undertaking treatment. They can be present (with your permission) at appointments and consultations to listen for you and can contact whanau for you at your request.
  • The Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society provides support for people with cancer, their family/whanau and friends. Through the Cancer Society you can talk with trained nurses, counsellors, psychologists and people who have had a similar experience to you. There are a range of support groups, programmes, workshops, seminars and online forums available.

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