KKC  has appreciated the support our staff and patients have given us during these challenging times as we have moved into our new approach to cancer care alongside Covid-19. 

As we move from a level 3 alert into Level 2 as of midnight 13/05/2020, we will continue our efforts to keep all staff and patients as safe as possible by following government guidelines.  We will remain with 1 point of entry through our Level 2 car park and will require anyone who is experiencing cold/flu like symptoms that they phone ahead on the number below so we can make an action plan with you.  Screening and contact tracing for both staff and patients will remain a priority for us during this time. Our support person policy will remain strict both for contact tracing and social distancing purposes. However, for alert level 2 we will now allow 1 support person to attend first specialist appointments, education sessions and give support for vulnerable patients.

We are taking this situation seriously and we will continue to follow the official advice being provided around the daily situation for Covid-19 by the Government Agencies. 

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with your treating team, on (07) 929 7995 or email us ( We are here to help.
Thank you for your support while we work through this challenging time.
Take care of yourself and your families.
The Team at KKC 

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