KKC  has appreciated the support our staff and patients have given us during these challenging times as we have moved into our new approach to cancer care alongside Covid-19. 

The doors behind the Level 1 Reception desk will be locked. In order to proceed through to the patient lounge a reception staff member will need to let you through.  We kindly request that only patients receiving treatment or attending CT simulation are to proceed through to the patient lounge. 

The intention of this is to maintain privacy of patients undergoing treatment, and to ensure there is an optimal environment for treatment preparation and delivery.

If you have a consult with a specialist, you may have one support person who will be required to be seated in the reception area until they are called through to be with you.

If you have any special circumstances outside of this, please pass onto reception who can raise this with our health and safety team.

We ask for your understanding with these changes as we continue to focus on our patients and clinic safety.

Finally, should you begin to show any symptoms of a cold/flu or have been out of the country recently, please advise us as soon as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience that may occur as a result of these changes.  As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with your treating team, on (07) 929 7995 or email us at We are here to help.
Thank you for your support while we work through this challenging time.
Take care of yourself and your families.
The Team at KKC 

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