"You have given me a better chance at living a quality life"


"Both my wife and I think that the understanding and feeling towards the patients by the Doctors and staff was just amazing. I don’t think I have experienced this at any other place. Thank you so much."


"We are very lucky to have such a facility here in Tauranga."


"Some of your staff I gave rhubarb to as an appreciation of their friendly helpfulness during my month in your tender hands. God bless you all."


"They were bright, helpful, respectful and explained what was going to happen, and always asked how I was going. So more than happy with treatment. Parking was a real bonus too - so easy especially on wet days."


"Well at the age of 47 this is not a journey one wants to be on but in saying that, how lucky are we in Tauranga to have such an amazing centre all thanks to the Kathleen Kilgour family as it wasn't that long ago that Hamilton was the closest. You have an absolutely amazing team who are just such wonderful, caring, professional ladies. Many thanks and I hope to god I never have to come back."


"I found the staff friendly, helpful, polite, very professional. I enjoyed all visits."


"The team were always ready and able to answer any questions I had, and always made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Thank you."


"Top class treatment. Staff excellent and I actually enjoyed going to KKC."


"Treatment experience was excellent - a great team of caring professionals."


"We are very fortunate in Tauranga to have a centre like KKC with all the modern equipment. I found all the staff to be friendly but professional."


"Pleased to be finished with the radiation treatment. It was a journey in which time I found the attitude of all the staff to be both professional and caring."


"We feel that the time spent at Kathleen Kilgour Centre was an uplifting experience and I felt thoroughly cared for in a cheerful manner."


"I appreciate the kind attention from all staff."


"They were always so kind, so caring, so professional! Made feel very humble. Thank you everybody for making me feel so confident and relaxed about the whole procedure."


"Many thanks for the wonderful, compassionate care. Wonderful staff."


"Staff took the time to sit down with me and explain the process and likely impacts (side effects) in a professional manner. All professionals and staff displayed a conscientious level of empathy and professionalism at all times."


"I am so pleased I chose Kathleen Kilgour for my treatment. Leanne and her team were so caring and considerate. Happy smiling faces every day were very much appreciated and helped me through my treatment. Thank you so much."


If you have been a patient of ours and you have a testimonial you would like to share, please email info@kathleenkilgourcentre.co.nz and your comments can be featured on our patient testimonials page.

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