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Clinical trials are investigations to determine if a new intervention works, if it is safe, and if it is better than treatments already available.  Clinical trials also compare existing interventions, test new ways to use or combine existing interventions or observe how people respond to other factors that might affect their health.

People take part in trials for a number of different reasons including knowing that their participation may help future generations.  Patients may also receive a new treatment before it is widely available to other cancer patients.  

Clinical trials at the Kathleen Kilgour Centre are closely monitored and subject to strict ethical approvals.  Participants on a clinical trial receive rigorously monitored treatment and follow-up.


Trials currently available at the Kathleen Kilgour Centre:

Cranberries for Radiation Cystitis

This clinical study investigates whether taking daily cranberry capsules affects the severity of bladder symptoms, that are often experienced by patients who receive radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Cranberry products have been associated with a healthy bladder and a decrease in the number of urinary tract infections in young women. We are doing this study because we want to find out if taking daily cranberry capsules is better than taking placebo capsules in managing any bladder symptoms you may have. If we find that taking a simple nutritional supplement like cranberry capsules makes the bladder symptoms better, this would improve the wellbeing of many prostate cancer patients.

Please ask your Radiation Oncologist about this trial if you are having radiation therapy to your prostate or prostate bed and are interested in participating.


Website links for information on cancer clinical trials

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